Wednesday, July 19, 2017

For those of you who used to read my other blog at, I've got it up and running once again. It's been a good long while since I've posted any of my writing online as I used to do, but since I'm not blogging much on the topic of ebook formatting anymore I thought it was high time to get my writing posts back up again.

For those who don't know, the writing blog is a place where I used to post up rough drafts and story sketches as I worked them out. I did the entire Saga of Beowulf online that way, some of which can still be found in the Archives section of the Fantasy Castle Books website.

I took down the other blog at some point due to ongoing issues with Wordpress crashing and corrupting my site. That's why I've been using Blogger all these years. But I've had issues with Blogger as well, and don't really care for its lack of customizing tools. As you'll see I've made the writing blog look a bit like a writing den with the post pages coming from an old 1934 Remington "Noiseless Portable", as seen in the image above.

I'm using a different theme than before, so it only covers part of the page, and doesn't work correctly at smaller sizes, such as phones, and only shows part of the typewriter so as to give more space to reading. I'll try to fix the scaling issue at some point, or I may just remove the typewriter overlay, but for now it'll do.

So far I've just been posting up the chapters from my new book, I: A Sequel to Ayn Rand's Anthem, one each day, and I'll continue to post them one by one until the whole thing is online, for those who'd like to read some of it, but don't particularly want to pay three bucks for it. It's all the same to me, since I don't make a living from my writing. I just write for fun, and this is one more way to share what I come up with.

UPDATE: The typewriter overlay has been removed per reader request, as it wasn't scaling properly on smaller screens and I don't have time to mess with it right now.