Friday, June 30, 2017

Independence 4-8818

We were happy once. We were filled with laughter, for we loved our brothers. We looked upon the world and saw that it was beautiful. Our life was good, for it was orderly. We had a place where we belonged, and therefore we were blessed.
The City Leaders are wise and know all things. But we are wrong.
We wished to be an Artist, before our Day of Choosing. We drew pictures in the Home of Students when we should have studied, which is a sin. We painted on the walls without permission, for which we were chastised many times. Of all our brothers we were chained in the basement most, and left there with no light.
When we received our Life Mandate on the first day of our fifteenth year we were not sent to the Home of the Artists as we had wished, but were punished for our crime. The Council of Vocations made of us instead a Street Sweeper, and we died that day, for our joy and hope were taken from us.
But the Council knows all things, and they are wise. Our body is upon this earth only to serve our brothers. Therefore, we raised our right hand before the Council and said: “The will of our brothers be done.”
We are guilty of the great Transgression of Preference, and now we must do penance for our sin, for all the days of our life.
Yet we know that we were fortunate, for this is how we came to work with Equality 7-2521, they who were our friend. The Council knows all things!
But our gladness did not last.
Curse Equality 7-2521! They have taken our contentment from us. Curse them and have mercy on their body, for they are lost.
Equality 7-2521 was our friend, whom we loved above all others, though it is forbidden us to say these words. The Great Doctrine that is carved upon the Hall of Justice tells us All Men Are Created Equal, and thus we must love our brothers equally, putting none above the others.
Even so, Equality 7-2521 was our dearest friend.
But now our friend is dead.