Monday, June 10, 2013

"How To Make Kindle Comics" Now Available In Print

$12.99 - 288 Pages - 6x9 Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-9821538-5-7

Given that I've had a number of requests for a print edition of the new tutorial, I took the opportunity to give CreateSpace a try. I had not planned to put out a print edition of this title, since it's all about creating ebooks, and therefore naturally lends itself to ebook format. But several readers have said that they would like to have it in print format for ease of reference while using their e-reading device for working with the templates or other files, which makes sense.

To that end I had initially produced a PDF, which you get in a bundle along with the Kindle and ePub files when you purchase the title direct from my website (via the Fantasy Castle Books storefront). However, this only partially addressed the issue, since PDF is still an electronic format. So with that in mind I dropped the PDF into the CreateSpace upload slot and polished off a spine and back jacket for the cover. The whole process took barely half an hour, although I did need to make a few adjustments to the inner margins and the size of several images (I have since made some further revisions, such as adding page numbers to the Table of Contents). 24 hours later the proof was approved and available for purchase in the CreateSpace store. Click the image to view the page.

Unlike Lightning Source, which requires you to establish a publisher account, purchase your own ISBN, and charges $70 in setup fees, plus $12 per year to host the file (and another $70 each time you want to revise the files), CreateSpace is completely free. The catch is that the profit share is less per copy. But with no upfront cost CreateSpace is a far less risky way to get a title into print, and all but eliminates the question of whether it's worth doing. Even $70 can be prohibitive for titles that only a handful of readers might ever be interested in, especially when you add the cost of an ISBN, which in this case was $27.50 since I purchased a block of ten for $275.

The print edition comes in at 288 pages in 6x9 Trade Paperback, and lists at $12.99 (although Amazon has discounted it to $10.83). The interior, of course, is black and white, so all the images are grayscale rather than full color, as they are in the digital editions. But if you send me a copy of your Amazon receipt for the print edition, I'll be happy to forward a code to download the ebooks for no extra charge. 

UPDATE: Amazon has since instituted the MatchBook bundle program, so that now you can get the Kindle ebook free when you purchase the print edition via CreateSpace.