Friday, January 4, 2013

Kindle Fixed Layout Tutorial

The complete 12-part Kindle Fixed Layout Tutorial is now housed in a permanent location on the main Fantasy Castle Books website, along with other archival materials, including the Fixed Layout Functionality Chart and other resources.

Long since removed from this blog due to much of it having been published in the formatting manual How To Make Kindle Comics & Children's Books, the full tutorial is now once more available online for you to use.

Moreover, it has been revised and updated to include new information and changes that have occurred in the intervening years since first appearing here in January 2013.

The tutorial takes you step-by-step, from start to finish, through the creation of a completely functional Kindle fixed format ebook, with a cover and a single page made up of just one full page image, which you can use to build a book of any length or complexity by adding more pages and content layers if you choose. The first 10 sections of the online guide comprise roughly one-third of the published book, albeit in slightly shorter form with some of the more complex material removed, but only insofar as they are no necessary or required to know in order to produce a fully functional ebook.

For those who want to add more complex content, or would like to learn much more about what can be done and how to do it, you can read the remaining two-thirds of the book - along with more in depth discussions of the content posted on the web tutorials, in the published guidebook, available from the link below.


The definitive guide to the Kindle fixed layout format, this fully revised and expanded tutorial will take you line-by-line through two working templates, including both the content and support files, as well as all layout and functionality features, explaining in painstaking detail what each element is for, and what your options are in every instance. Also included in the ebook is a code to download both Templates for FREE!

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