Monday, January 21, 2013

Kindle Fixed Layout Template - Simple Version

When I started writing this new tutorial on formatting Kindle fixed layout ebooks I had every intention of just using the same KF8 template I had already posted back in March of last year. However, once I got down to the business end of detailing the many things that can be done with Kindle code, I quickly realized I needed to include a few more examples to illustrate what I was trying to describe.

Consequently, I began adding in new pages that would demonstrate such features as image switching, alternate text positioning, and page spread options. This, of course, required the creation of new content designed to demonstrate each point, and as usual I got carried away. The original template consisted of a mere five pages. The new one comes in at eighteen.

It also comes in two varieties. The first one, posted here today, is a somewhat truncated version of the full length one that will be completed in the next few days. This edition contains only images, with a single CSS file, and no table of contents (as seems to be the custom with most digital comics), making it very easy to use as the basis of your own project. There are no layers or separate text elements, but just a single image embedded in each page, albeit in a number of different ways. Specifically, there are three image referencing methods, plus three landscape layout styles (with two instances of each), these being single pages, two-page spreads with an inner margin, and two-page spreads combined into a single landscape image.

The tutorial posts discussing these elements will commence as soon as I polish off the advanced template, for which I still have one more page spread yet to finalize the art and layout. In the course of revising these new editions, I decided to create new art featuring the two characters who act as our hosts throughout the companion tutorial. Naturally, this became a much bigger task than I had planned.

Finally, rather than include the links here in this post, where they'll soon be lost to time, I have created a new "Templates" page that is linked to on the menu bar above. There you'll find links to all the templates I've created readily accessible and available for download. I will also be updating my iBooks template and tutorial as soon as this KF8 one is complete, as that is now well out of date, and missing several features added in the last major iBooks update. But that's a project for another day!