Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Saga of Beowulf Archives

I have finally completed rebuilding The Saga of Beowulf portion of the online Archives, or at least as much of it as I could dredge up from the wreckage of the previous website. There are four levels of menus, each featuring a bookshelf filled with resources for the study and enjoyment of either the original Beowulf poem or my novelization of it - just click on a bookshelf item to open it. These range from outlines and story summaries to chronologies and genealogies not found in the novel, as well as maps, detailed glossaries and a handful of downloadable texts, including my original feature film screenplay. There is video and audio content, high-resolution artwork, and a few additional hidden bonus features. In addition, there is an Art Gallery, with six clickable artist easels featuring artwork created for the novel, each of which take you to a page with notes and alternate artwork.

I will now turn my attention to The Ring Saga, reconstructing the Archive I had started for that project. Once the resources for chapter one are up I'll begin posting materials for the new chapters as I complete them. You can currently get Chapter 1: Theft of the Rhinegold as a free download, but only until the end of the month. After that each new chapbook will be posted as a limited edition offer. There will also be a members-only area with bonus content not included in the print or ebook editions. Membership is granted automatically with the purchase of any book from the Fantasy Castle Books website, including the free ebooks currently available through the 31st.