Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kindle Public Notes

If you happen to be reading (or plan to read) The Saga of Beowulf, you can now add your own shared notes inside the book, and I will see them. I will try to answer any relevant comments or questions you might post by responding with a shared note of my own, right inside the book. If you have a Facebook page, then friend me and I'll also see your notes posted there as soon as they are shared.

Optionally, you can go to The Saga of Beowulf book page on the Kindle site and view all public notes and highlights there. The book will also be listed under "Your Books" on your own page on the Kindle site, which you can access using your Amazon account to sign in.

The only drawback to this system is that Public Notes are limited to 100 characters, which is about two short sentences or a single moderately longish one (roughly two lines on your Kindle screen). This doesn't allow much room for in depth commentary, but can serve to initiate a conversation via Facebook, etc. Basically it's like Twitter on the Kindle (in fact, you can also link your notes to Twitter, but I haven't bothered with a Twitter account just yet).

As a side note, the Kindle edition of The Saga of Beowulf has now been upgraded to include actual page numbers, so you can see where you are relative to the 600-page print edition. You may have to delete your current version of the book and reload the upgraded one from your archive folder, but this doesn't cost you anything. The page numbers are accurate with respect to the 6x9 softcover.