Sunday, December 14, 2008

Book Giveaway

In order to promote this new blog and podcast, I've decided to do another drawing for a copy of my debut novel, The Saga of Beowulf.

I've done a few of these already, one on the Fantasy Castle Books website, and another when I did an interview on Popin's Lair a month or so ago. Both received a lot of hits, but did not ultimately result in as many sales as I had hoped. I would, of course, love for these sorts of grass-roots promotions to result in a good deal of exposure and word-of-mouth, but if only a handful of readers ultimately get my book into their hands I guess it's better than not having it read at all. But this will very likely be the last one for a good long while.

At any rate, I'll be giving away one autographed copy of The Saga of Beowulf to a lucky winner drawn from among the commenters posting on this blog between now and midnight New Year's Eve, as well as anyone who posts a comment through the Fantasy Castle Books website. If you know of a place to post notice of this giveaway, please feel free to do so, as I plan to publicize it heavily myself.

So again, be sure to leave a comment here or at, and don't forget to provide an email or other means by which I might contact you should you be the winner!